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How to make pheasant soup? How to stew pheasant soup?

How to make pheasant soup? How to stew pheasant soup? When stewing pheasant, it's important to put the materials in place. How to make the chicken rotten without hardening? How to make it fresh and tasty.


1. The chicken bought should be dealt with first, rifled, gutted and cut into small pieces.

2. Boil some water. Don't boil it. If it's hot, just pour it into the chicken basin. Remove the dirt on the surface of the chicken and drain the water.

3. Put the cold chicken pieces into the casserole, pour in the water, before the chicken pieces, put a big material flap (one is enough, for fear that the flavor of spices will take away the freshness of the chicken itself) and heat it up. At this time, don't be afraid of trouble. Be sure to use a spoon to skim out the floating foam on the surface of the soup, so that the flavor of the chicken will be better.

4. Turn the heat down and stew until the meat is cooked and rotten. It will take about two hours. If you use a pressure cooker, it will be faster, but the taste is not as good as the slow cooking in a casserole.

5. Put some salt in the end, and stew for a while. Put salt in the end, or it will make the meat hard.

6. When the chicken was half stewed, I added some dates and wolfberry. When the chicken was almost ready, I suddenly thought of the pumpkin steaming in the pot over there, so I had a good idea. I cut off the steamed pumpkin and threw it into the chicken soup for a few minutes. When eating, there is no pumpkin flavor in chicken soup, but there is chicken flavor in pumpkin.