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What is Gongbao chicken? How to make Gongbao chicken

Chicken has the functions of warming the body, replenishing the deficiency and filling the essence, strengthening the spleen and stomach, activating the blood vessels and strengthening the muscles and bones. In addition to stewed chicken, Gongbao chicken is the most popular. How to make Gongbao chicken is authentic.

How to make kung pao chicken

1. Dice all raw materials for use. After diced chicken, put salt, white pepper, cooking wine and water lake powder into it and marinate for a while;

2. Stir fry peanuts while marinating the chicken, cool the oil in the pot, stir slowly over low heat, stir continuously until crispy;

3. Stir fry the chicken with a little more oil, spread the chicken, and then pour into the spoon to control the oil;

4. Put a small amount of base oil in the pot, add Pixian bean paste and stir fry it to produce red oil, then add diced cucumber, diced carrot, peanuts and green onions, stir fry for a while and add sugar and white vinegar (a little more is good), finally put the chicken just slipped in, stir fry for a few times and tick a thin sauce, then you can put it on the plate (there is no need to put salt here, because Pixian bean paste itself is very salty).