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The method of stir fried pork with Fuguo

In private restaurants, fried pork with Fuguo is very popular because of its simple and delicious production. How to make fried pork with Fuguo is very delicious. Today's editor teaches you how to make fried pork with Fuguo at home.

Method of prawn with Fuguo:

1. Blanch the white fruit, remove the shell and skin;

2. The sliced meat is made by soaking in soda, sugar and salt solution. After 20 minutes, take it out, drain it and add the raw meal to make the pulp;

3. Cut the cucumber into rhombus pieces. Be careful not to cut the cucumber into parallelogram. Cut the cucumber into rhombus pieces

(1) Cut the cucumber in half, cut three or two according to the actual situation, remove the seeds, turn over the skin and repair it to the same width;

(2) It's a good idea to cut the piles in a row.

4. Cut the meat slices into oil and put them in;

5. Stir fry cucumbers, you can remove the light star flavor of cucumbers;

6. When the cucumbers are stir fried, put the slices of meat and cashew nuts down, turn them over, and then serve them. This dish is made.