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How to make bitter gourd soup? How to make bitter gourd soup

To eat bitter gourd in summer is nothing more than stir fry and cold mix. It's bitter to eat. Why not drink it in soup? How can bitter gourd soup not be bitter? The method of bitter gourd soup introduces bitter gourd tofu and lean meat soup to you. Tofu will absorb bitter gourd, so bitter gourd will not be bitter.

1. Chop the lean meat and marinate with wine, soy sauce, sesame oil and raw meal for 10 minutes.

2. After cooking the crude oil, lower the temperature slightly, stir the minced meat, add the balsam pear slices, stir fry for several times, pour in the boiling water, add the tofu pieces, season and boil, thicken the sauce, and sprinkle with sesame oil.