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What does Chinese toon do? 17 Ways to eat Chinese toon

Chinese toon is a kind of vegetable with high medicinal value handed down from ancient times. It is called 'vegetable on tree', and it is the bud of Chinese toon tree. Can invigorate the spleen and appetizer, increase appetite. It contains vitamin E and sex hormone substances, which have anti-aging and nourishing yang and Yin effects, so it has the reputation of "pregnancy promoting hormone".

1、 Fried eggs with Chinese toon seedling

Ingredients: 50g toon seedling, 250g egg, 50g oil, 3.5G salt

Method: 1 break the egg into a bowl, break it up, put the Toon seedling into the egg bowl, add salt monosodium glutamate, and mix evenly.

2. Heat up the oil in a wok, add the eggs of Chinese toon seedling and stir fry them together until the eggs are all set, and then put them on the plate.

Features: yellow and green, fresh and tender.

2、 Mixed eggs with Chinese toon seedling

Method: 1. First, cut up the preserved egg, and then sprinkle with Chinese toon seedling.

2 mix the soy sauce, salt and sesame oil on the Chinese toon seedling and mix well.

3、 Chinese toon seedling in cold sauce

The blanched Chinese toon seedlings should be too cold, squeeze out water for use; mix all ingredients such as hot sauce, refined salt, raw soy sauce (very small amount) together; add sugar or white vinegar according to personal taste to achieve sweet and sour taste

4、 Mixed apricot with Chinese toon

Materials: Chinese toon seedling, almond, oil, vinegar a little, sugar a little, salt a little

Methods: 1. Clean the Chinese toon seedling and put it on the plate for standby after being cleaned.

2. Soak the almond in boiling water for ten minutes, cool it with cold water after removing the smell, drain the water and put in the Toon seedling.

3. Add sesame oil, a little vinegar, sugar, salt and mix well. If you have olive oil, you can put some

5、 Cucumber (or bamboo shoot) mixed with Chinese toon seedling

Method: 1. Use half a catty cucumber (or bamboo shoot), peel it, cut it into 0.5cm square, 4cm long strips, and put them into the plate in order.

2. Wash and place the Chinese toon seedling on about 50-80 heels, and pour the juice on it

6、 Chinese toon bean

Method: Boil the soybeans (it's better to have a soft taste), cook the soybeans 500g, mix 50g Chinese toon and beans, mix in a small amount of soy sauce, 50g sesame oil and 15g salt, mix well

Chinese toon sprout with garlic sauce: mash the Chinese toon sprout and garlic together, add some oil, salt, soy sauce and some cold boiled water to make the Chinese toon sprout garlic juice, and add a little when eating noodles, which is unique

7、 White jade Chinese toon seedling

Blanch and drain the fresh Chinese toon sprouts; cut bacon into thin slices, put the Chinese toon sprouts in the middle of the thin slices and roll them into a roll; pour the sauce on the roll,

Features: Bacon is smooth but not greasy, with moderate saltiness and full flavor. The Chinese toon seedling wrapped inside brings fresh taste.

8、 Fried lotus root

Method: cut the Chinese toon seedling and meat into thin strips or small sections and mix well with seasoning, fill them into the lotus root air, steam (or boil) the lotus root slices and cut them into thin slices, then fry them in the oil pan.

9、 Tofu with Chinese toon

Ingredients: Chinese toon seedling 25-50g, spinach 50g, tofu 500g, ginger powder 10g, refined salt 2G.

Method: 1 tofu cut into 1 cm small square, blanch in boiling water, control its moisture to cool.

2. Rinse the Chinese toon seedling and spinach, scald them in boiling water, then remove them, cut them into pieces and sprinkle them on tofu.

3 pour the ginger powder, refined salt and sesame oil on the Chinese toon seedling and mix well.

Features: pure and pleasant to the eyes, fragrant and delicious.

10、 Chinese toon seedling assorted silk

Ingredients: Chinese toon seedling 25-50g, spinach 50g, tofu 100g, egg 5g, ginger 5g, sesame oil 15g, refined salt 1.5g

Methods: 1. Rinse the Chinese toon seedling and spinach, scald them in boiling water, cut them into filaments, cut the tofu into 3cm long, cut the carrot into filaments, break up the eggs, spread them into thin slices in the pot, and cut them into filaments.

2 put five silk into the plate, pour on the seasoning, mix well.

Features: colorful, fragrant, fresh and delicious.

11、 Fried Chinese toon leaf roll

Ingredients: 50g of Chinese toon seedling, 50g of spinach, 300g of mixed pork filling, 3 eggs, 500g of oil

Method: 1. Scald the Chinese toon seedling in hot water, chop and roll the meat stuffing on the spinach slices, with the egg paste on the outside.

2. Heat the oil to 60% heat, put the Chinese toon leaves into the pot one by one, fry them into golden color and take out.

3. Heat the oil to 80% heat, fry it again in the pot, make the skin crisp, remove it and put it on a plate.

Features: Golden appearance, tender and crispy

12、 Mixed chicken shreds with Chinese toon seedling

Ingredients: 50g of Chinese toon seedling, 50g of spinach, 200g of cooked chicken breast, 2G of sugar, 3G of refined salt, 2G of soy sauce, 2G of vinegar and 25g of sesame oil.

Methods: 1. Wash the Chinese toon seedling and spinach, blanch them in a boiling pot, drain the water, tear the cooked chicken breast into thin silk, put the fluffy one into a basin, and sprinkle it on the Chinese toon seedling and spinach section.

2 mix with sesame paste and 50g cold water, add refined salt, sugar, vinegar, sesame oil and soy sauce, mix well, and pour them on the Chinese toon chicken shreds.

Features: rich fragrance, rich nutrition.

13、 Chinese toon with chili

Ingredients: 50g Chinese toon seedling, 500g spinach, 20g red pepper, 5g ginger, 15g sesame oil, 2G soy sauce, 2G vinegar and 1.5g refined salt.

Practice: 1 pot water, high fire, put in Toon seedlings and spinach a little hot, and then take out the plate, with 1 gram of vinegar and some salt will be pickled toon red, water decant out.

2 shred pepper, cut ginger and put it on spinach.

Mix the remaining balsamic vinegar with refined salt, sesame oil and soy sauce, and pour over the Chinese toon seedling.

14、 Chinese toon sapling and beancurd

Ingredients: 50g toon seedling, 50g spinach, 400g beancurd, 15g sesame oil, 2G soy sauce and 1.5g salt.

Method: 1. Cut the beancurd into 2-3cm rhombus pieces, put them into a boiling water pot and boil them for a while, then take them out and put them on a plate.

Wash the spinach of Chinese toon seedling and put it into boiling water, scald it slightly, then take it out to cool. Put it on the beancurd.

3 mix the soy sauce, salt, sesame oil and monosodium glutamate on the Chinese toon seedling and mix well.

Features: fresh, clean and nutritious.

15、 Rice with Chinese toon and pine nuts

Ingredients: rice for 4 people, Chinese toon 10 g, pine 20 g, seaweed 5 g, a little olive oil, lemon 1 / 8.

Method: 1. After the rice is steamed, pour in a little olive oil to loosen the rice.

2 mix the Chinese toon seedling and pine nuts into the rice, and drip the lemon juice.

Before eating, sprinkle the shredded seaweed on the rice.

16、 Shrimp with Chinese toon seedling

Methods: 1. Scald the living Chinese toon seedling with salt boiling water, take it out and immerse it in cool boiling water, then take it out and drain the water, cut it into pieces, take half and put it on the plate.

2 wash the prawns, boil them in salt water, peel them off, cut them in half with a flat knife, remove the intestines, slice them into a wiping blade, and place them on the Toon seedling in the dish.

3. Pour the sauce, vinegar and sesame oil into the sauce, and then put the other half of the Chinese toon seedling on.

Features: fragrant Chinese toon seedling, delicious shrimp flavor.

17、 Mixed Chinese toon with radish

Radish seedling, Chinese toon seedling, oil bean skin, add salt monosodium glutamate and sesame oil to mix well, (the mixed Chinese toon seedling is fragrant and delicious. )

Warm reminder: Toona has the effect of clearing away heat and dampness, diuresis and detoxification, and is a good medicine for auxiliary treatment of enteritis, dysentery and urinary tract infection. It can be used to treat ascariasis.