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What kind of vegetable is coir raincoat cucumber? It's delicious and simple

Coir raincoat cucumber belongs to Beijing cuisine. The simple and delicious coir raincoat cucumber used to be one of the dishes in a hundred banquets. Until now, it has been widely spread. The most important test of coir raincoat cucumber is your knife craftsman. Test how your knife craftsman works. Today's little editor teaches you how to make your own coir raincoat cucumber.


1. Shred the peppers and soak in cold water.

2. Wash the big cucumber and cut it at a 45 degree knife angle from one end towards the same direction. The less distance between each knife, the softer the cucumber will be. Oblique knife, do not cut.

3. Turn the whole cucumber 180 degrees, and then cut it obliquely in the same way.

4. White sesame in the dry fry pot with a small fire slowly baked out of the yellow, Sheng out of the full air cool.

5. Heat the oil in the pan over low heat, put in pepper and Chaotian pepper in turn, and immediately remove the oil after slight discoloration to make sesame oil.

6. Add a little vinegar, white sugar 15 grams, salt 10 grams, and sesame oil in the cucumbers and cucumbers. Mix them evenly and then marinate them for 1 hours in the fridge.

7. When eating, tear the cucumber into small pieces and sprinkle with white sesame.