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How to make scallion pancake? Scallion pork pancake is more appetizing

It's really a disaster to eat fried vegetables in summer. If you want to eat meat and don't want to fry vegetables, you can make meat pancakes. How to make scallion pancakes? Scallion pork pancakes are more appetizing. Whether it's for breakfast or dinner, you want to eat a special meal.

1. Mix the salt in the flour, then put in the water and stir it with chopsticks. Mix the flour and water together. The water absorption of the flour is different. The dough of this cake must be very soft.

2. Mix the flour into a slightly smooth dough, cover it or place it on the top of the plate and clasp it in a basin for 20 minutes.

3. When making stuffing for noodles: cut pork into diced meat with big rice grains. You can freeze the meat until it is slightly hard, then cut into thin slices, cut into shreds, and then cut into grains, which is simpler.

4. Mix the pepper powder, ginger powder, salt, soy sauce, cooking wine and water into the meat stuffing in one direction.

5. Cut the green onion into fine green onion and mix well.

6. Stir the sesame oil in the same direction.

8. Put the dough on the panel. The dough should be very soft (the softer, the better). It can be easily pulled long by hand without breaking.

9. Divide the dough into 10 ~ 15 small dough according to your preference.

10. Take a small dough and put it on the panel and press it into a round pie shape with the palm of your hand.

11. Pick up the dough and hold it on your hand and put a spoon of stuffing in it.

12. Press the thumb of your left hand on the stuffing, and slowly close the tiger mouth of your right hand, so that you can pack more stuffing in it.

13. Fold up the dough and knead.

14. Press the pinching mouth down onto the chopping board and flatten it gently with the palm of your hand.

15. Wrap the rest of the dough in the same way.

16. Take a wrapped small round cake and roll it into a transparent pancake with filling, even if there is a little filling exposed. When rolling the pancake, roll it gently from the edge to the middle, so that the filling with more edges can roll to the middle with less filling, and roll it so that the edge of the pie can not be broken and the filling will be squeezed out.

17. Roll out all the pancakes and put them on the curtain. Do not use the iron curtain to get on easily.

18. Put the oil in the pan, and brush a thin layer of oil on the pancake.

19. Use medium fire or medium fire to burn both sides of the pancake into golden yellow. The pancake is very thin and easy to burn. Don't burn it slowly with a small fire, which will bake the pancake hard.

20. It's more convenient to cut and eat from the middle.

Xiaobian didn't slacken off. The methods and steps are very detailed and free. Seeing that there are more steps, it's not hard at all. It's easy to let out a little tips. It's better to be soft with noodles. It's better to use cold water and warm water with dough. If you can't master it well, use boiled water.