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How to make fried rice cake with sweet and sour pork chop

1. After the spareribs are washed, they must be dried and wiped with towels! Two or three towels must be prepared in the kitchen to specially wipe meat and fish, which is much better than kitchen paper.

2. The oil is hot and almost smoking. Throw the ribs in batches and fry them until the surface is slightly golden. This step is to make the ribs stewed crispy but not shapeless.

3. The fried spareribs wipe the surface oil, pour in, put some scallions, ginger, water will not pass the spareribs, cold water, hot water does not matter. Then stew for about 60-90 minutes, until the ribs are cooked and rotten, until you think it just tastes good.

4. The rice cakes should be separated in advance. If necessary, they can be boiled in cold water.

5. Then put sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, rice wine and water in the pot. Don't put enough vinegar once. Put half of it first. Then put in the rice cake and cook it over low heat.

6. When the New Year cake is a little soft, put in the ribs. The fire starts to collect juice and taste. In this step, you need to taste the taste. Maybe you need to add some salt, and then add some vinegar or sugar according to the taste. If you like the color, add some old soy sauce to make it more delicious. In a word, it's OK to collect all the soup.