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How to make balsam pear stewed with eight treasures

Although cucumber is bitter and not delicious, it is also popular because of its cool nature. If bitter melon is eaten together with other food, the bitterness will be greatly reduced. If you want to drink delicious appetizer in summer, you can make eight treasures stewed bitter melon.

Guangdong people are also good at drying balsam pear. Now, this soup stews the dried and fresh balsam pear together, adds the tasty oyster and dried octopus, and makes a pot together with ginkgo, soybean, chicken feet and pork ribs. It is clear, sweet and delicious. It is a good soup for the family when the summer heat is in full swing. It's suitable for all ages.

Wash each thing separately. Balsam pear is cut into squares, chicken feet are cracked, pork ribs are cut into sections, and the rest are soaked. Add 1500 ml cold boiled water (about 6 bowls), stew for about 3 hours, then add salt. For 4-5 people.

Summer appetizer eight treasures stewed bitter melon how to do, the above has introduced the eight treasures stewed cucumber practice for you in detail, have you learned? It is suggested that you can often eat in summer.