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How to make plain fried noodles delicious

How to make plain fried noodles delicious

1. Wash the mushrooms and cut them into strips; wash the rape heart and cut it into sections; wash the bamboo shoots and cut them into strips; wash the beancurd with warm water and then cut it into silk; peel and clean the shallots and ginger and cut them into silk for standby.

2. Cook the noodles, remove and cool.

3. Pour peanut oil into the pot, heat it and put it into noodles, fry until golden, remove and control the oil content.

4. Take another pot and pour in a little peanut oil. When it's 70-80% hot, put in the pan with shredded green onion and shredded ginger, then put in mushroom strips, shredded beancurd, fresh bamboo shoots, fried rape heart, add in cooking wine, soy sauce, refined salt and clear soup, then put in the fried noodles, stir fry them, use a small fire, cover them for a while, add monosodium glutamate, sprinkle them with sesame oil, and then they can be eaten.

The key to making plain fried noodles: sesame oil is sesame oil; the mushrooms and winter bamboo shoots in the ingredients are better to be fresh and tender, so the noodles will be more fresh, fragrant and delicious, light and palatable; the peanut oil in the seasoning is used for frying, so it is better to prepare more than the actual consumption.