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What's good with cold noodles

We need to eat cold noodles with food. What's delicious with cold noodles? Let's see how Korean cold noodles are made and what's their food with cold noodles.

2. Add water into the pot, add ginger, garlic and star anise, cook for 2 minutes, add vinegar, salt, soy sauce and chicken essence to taste, and pour into the bowl.

3. Add water to another pot, put in Korean cold noodles after boiling, and cook for 1 minute.

4. After the noodles are cooked thoroughly, supercooled water shall be used to wash the boiled white noodle soup.

5. Finally, put the cooked noodles into the noodle bowl with soup, and put other ingredients in the noodles.

We can buy these materials in the supermarket. If it's hot at noon, we can make cold noodles to eat. Of course, there's also the method of mixing vegetables in the above-mentioned method. According to this method, you can eat delicious cold noodles at noon.