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How to stir fry Xihu? How to stir fry eggs with Xihu

Today, I saw that there are already sold Xihu melons in the market, so I bought two to go home and prepare for cooking. But Xihu melon has the biggest feature, that is, more than 90% of it is composed of H2O. So when cooking, I need to pay attention to it. Remember to keep a small fire so as not to lose a lot of water and lose the original taste. How to stir fry Xihu? Of course, stir fried Xihu is the best.

How to stir fry Xihu? It's best to stir fry it.

1. Cut zucchini, tomato and garlic for standby.

2. After heating, add garlic to taste, and then put tomatoes.

3. Put in the slices of zucchini, add some water, and stir fry for a while.

4. Put in the materials.

5. Drop two drops of sesame oil before leaving the pot.

The simple five steps are done. Stir fry the Xihu and add the seasoning of tomato. It can keep the original flavor of Xihu better and eat better. Because the Xihu melon is easy to get water. When you can do it, stir fry it in a small fire. Don't use a big fire, or it will lose all the water if it's not cooked.