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How to make flatfish delicious? Simple way to fry flatfish with five spices

1. Clean the flatfish, dry the water, use a knife to cut out some diamond checks, and then put salt, white pepper, five spices and cooking wine on it, and then put some green onions and ginger into it, and marinate it in the refrigerator for about three or four hours. But remember, don't put enough salt and five spices once, and add a little more when eating.

2. After the fish is marinated, dry the water, remove the onion and ginger, and then apply a layer of five spice.

3, and then evenly spread some starch and flour, starch and flour ratio is about 1:3.

4. Put some sesame oil and common cooking oil into the hot pot. The proportion of sesame oil is about 15%. When the oil is warm, put in a small spoon of prickly ash. When the pepper is fragrant, but the color doesn't get darker, take it out. Put in the fish, fry one side and the other. After the fish is cooked, first put it out. After the oil is hot, put it into the fish. Fry it a little on both sides, and the skin will be crispy.

5. It's better to sprinkle some five spice powder and salt when eating

It's tender outside and tender inside