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How to stew Crispy Fish? Crispy Fish with sauce is delicious and easy to make

To make a good stewed Crispy Fish with sauce, you should use sweet sauce to taste it. When you stir fry the sauce, put more vinegar. In this way, the fish can be stewed more crispy. How to stew the crispy fish more delicious? Let's see how to make it together?

How to stew Crispy Fish?

1. Remove scales and internal organs of perch, wash and cut into pieces

2. Sliced onion

3. Put oil in the frying pan and fry the fish until golden on both sides

4. Put no oil in the pot and stir fry ginger, garlic, dried pepper, prickly ash and star anise

5. Stir in sweet sauce, tomato sauce and sugar, stir fry over low heat, add more vinegar and a little water, and then turn off the heat

6. Lay onion shreds in the electric pressure cooker

7. Put in the fried fish pieces, pour in the boiled soup, don't add too much juice, just cover the fish

8. 15 minutes after the gas is applied

Kitchen whispers: put more vinegar in the frying sauce, so as to stew the fish crispy.