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Detailed explanation of Hunan special dish, sauce and blood duck, delicious and unforgettable

1. First scoop the sour water into the bowl from the jar, let the fresh duck blood flow into the sour water when killing the duck, and stir it with chopsticks for a few times to prevent caking. (I went to the market carrying the sour water, bought half of the duck, and asked her for some fresh duck blood when the aunt selling the duck killed the duck again.)

2. Wash the duck and drain the water. Now the duck is really fat (fill the duck with water!). You can cut the thick fat skin on the duck and cut it into small pieces for use, then cut the rest of the duck into pieces and put them on the plate. Cut the red pepper into a circle obliquely, cut the ginger into pieces, flatten the garlic a little, and cut the green onion into flowers;

3. Put the pot on the fire, put in the fat duck skin, and fry it first with medium fire;

4. Put in the chopped duck, add in the ginger, pepper and garlic, stir fry it over high heat. Fry all the water in the duck meat to make it oil. When the duck meat turns yellowish, turn to a small fire. Then you will find that there is a lot of oil in the pot. If you don't like too much oil, you can scoop out a part of the oil. (too much oil will grow meat, I will scoop out some drops!)

5. Put in salt, sprinkle in cooking wine, stir fry well, then push duck meat to one side of the pot, pour red pepper into the other side of the pot, add some salt to the pepper, stir fry well, then mix duck meat with red pepper, stir fry for one to two minutes;

6. Put in the scallion, shake the blood sauce gently for a few times, then pour it in, stir fry quickly in a big fire, so that each piece of duck is covered with the blood sauce.

Fried duck pot will be stained with a lot of delicious blood sauce, you can put some rice to fry, fried rice is very fragrant!

Experience sharing:

1. Be sure to fry all the water in the duck meat until it looks a little burnt yellow. If the water is not dried, it will taste fishy;

2. When duck blood flows into sour water, it should be stirred with chopsticks for several times to prevent caking; before putting into the blood sauce, it should be shaken or stirred evenly and then poured in to prevent caking sometimes, thus affecting the taste.