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Do you have the right dinner? Remember "three bans for dinner" to make your dinner healthy and safe

Many diseases are caused by eating the wrong dinner. Eating too much meat, too much and too full will cause the body's load. As time goes on, all kinds of diseases will come out. Today, Sihai food teaches you how to eat dinner correctly and prevent diseases.

1、 No eating too much for dinner

Eating early for dinner is a good health policy recommended by medical experts. Research shows that early eating of dinner can greatly reduce the incidence rate of urinary calculi.

In the course of time, the peak period of calcium excretion is often 4-5 hours after meal. If dinner is too late, when the peak period of calcium excretion comes, people will go to bed and sleep. Urine will remain in the urinary tract such as ureter, bladder and urethra, which can not be discharged in time, resulting in the continuous increase of urine calcium and * easy deposition to form small crystals. So it's better to have dinner around 6 in the evening.

2、 No eating too much meat for dinner

Dinner must be vegetarian, mainly rich in carbohydrates, and the less protein and fat the better. If you eat too much fat, you can raise blood lipids. Research data show that people who often eat meat for dinner have 2-3 times higher blood lipids than vegetarians. Carbohydrates can produce more serotonin in the human body, play the role of calming nerves, especially beneficial to insomnia.

But in real life, because most families have plenty of time to prepare and eat dinner, it is not good for their health. According to scientific research reports, eating a large amount of meat, eggs, milk and other high protein food at dinner will increase the amount of calcium in urine. On the one hand, it will reduce the calcium storage in the body and induce rickets in children, myopia in teenagers and osteoporosis in other years; on the other hand, the high concentration of calcium in urine will greatly increase the possibility of suffering from urinary calculi. In addition, excessive protein intake, the human body can not absorb, will stay in the intestinal tract, will deteriorate, produce ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other toxins, stimulate the intestinal wall, induce cancer.

3、 Don't eat too much for dinner: eat less for dinner and sleep better

Compared with breakfast and Chinese food, it is better to eat less dinner, no other activities in the evening, or eat late. If you eat too much dinner, it can cause cholesterol rise, stimulate the liver to produce more low density and very low density lipoprotein, and induce arteriosclerosis; if you eat too much dinner for a long time, it can repeatedly stimulate a large amount of insulin secretion, which often leads to insulin beta; if you eat too much, it can induce atherosclerosis; Cell failure ahead of time, thus laying the root of diabetes.

In addition, excessive dinner can make the stomach bulge, causing pressure on the surrounding organs, stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and other organs in the postprandial nervous work will transmit information to the brain, causing brain activity, and spread to other parts of the cerebral cortex, inducing insomnia.

Dinner is very important, we must remember the three bans on dinner!