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When Christmas comes, you might as well make a cream Christmas cup to treat yourself

It's almost Christmas, so I made this kind of cupcake with Christmas flavor. The finished product is very beautiful, which at least makes my friends marvel. In fact, it's very simple. It's an entry-level cake. Although Christmas is a western festival, it's not worshiping foreign countries. In fact, it's very good to make a cream cake with this festival!

Ingredients: Orange 2 eggs 5 low gluten flour 90g light cream 200g salad oil 70g salt a little sugar 105g

Clean the surface of oranges with salt, and peel off the surface of two oranges with a planer (don't peel the white part, the white part will be bitter)

2. Squeeze out 70 grams of orange juice

3. Mix the orange peel with 10 grams of sugar and marinate it

4. Separation of egg white and yolk

5. Mix the orange juice with salad oil, sift in the low gluten flour with a sieve and mix until there are no particles

6. Continue to add egg yolk to make a fine and smooth batter

7. Add the pickled orange peel and mix well

8. Add the remaining 75 grams of sugar to the protein in three times until it foams

9. Mix the beaten protein cream and egg yolk paste three times

10. Pour the mixed cake paste into a paper cup

11. Put into the preheated oven, 180 ℃ for about 40 minutes (the time and temperature are for reference, until the cake does not grow high or retract, and the surface is golden)

12. Beat the light cream with 20g sugar until it reaches nine

13. Put the cream into the decoration bag and squeeze the cream on the cupcake with the 12 tooth chrysanthemum mouth