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Thai style fried squid with thick juice and fat meat is really a pleasure on the tip of the tongue

Do you like fried squid with thick juice and fat meat? It takes a lot of skill to fire squid. If you can't stand this skill, don't pat me with a brick. I'll treat you to a dish. The thick and delicious squid is wrapped in a thick sweet and spicy sauce and poured on the rice. Even the soup won't be left!

Ingredients: 1 squid, 1 pepper, 1 red pepper, 1 onion, half starch, 1 tbsp salt, 1 / 2 tbsp sweet chili sauce, 2 tbsp white pepper, 1 / 2 tbsp vegetable oil, 2 tbsp

Squid in Thai sweet chili sauce

2. The squid board is divided into two parts

3. Make a straight knife first, and then find an angle to tilt 45 & deg. the distance between the knives is about 0.5cm

4. Cut out small diamond shaped pieces

5. Cut the squid into small pieces 2cm wide; cut the squid into sections, or save it for soup or something

6. Boil the squid with water in the pan. When you see the squid roll, you can take it out

7. The ice water is too cold

8. Drain water for standby

9. Put salt, starch and white pepper into a small bowl and add some water

10. Stir evenly to form juice and set aside

11. Cut green and red peppers into pieces, onion into pieces, and prepare the sweet chili sauce

12. Start the frying pan, add proper amount of vegetable oil, heat the pan to cool the oil, and stir fry the fragrant green pepper, red pepper and onion

13. Add squid rolls and sweet chili sauce and stir well

14. Add the sauce, stir well, and then close to thick