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Rainbow toast colorful and rainbow like beautiful breakfast

1. All materials except butter are added into the toaster

2.3 knead dough for 6 minutes

3. Pull out a large piece of firm film at the complete stage, add butter, and knead for another 5 minutes

4. You can pull out a strong film. After kneading, the dough will weigh 966 grams, divided into 161 grams and 6 equal parts

5. Leave one part of the original color, add the remaining five parts with the color mixing materials, and knead them evenly. Put 6 parts of dough into the fresh-keeping bags and tie up the mouth of the bags

6. Ferment at room temperature to 2.5 times the size. Take out the fermented dough, exhaust and knead, and set aside for 15 minutes

7. Roll the loose dough into a rectangle

8. Stack them one by one and put them into the toast mould

9. Cover the surface with a wet towel

10. Ferment at room temperature to eight minutes full, preheat oven at 200 degrees, put the baking net on the bottom layer, bake for 50 minutes on the upper and lower fire, remove the mold after baking, put it on the baking net at low temperature, and then put it into the fresh-keeping bag. Take a look, the toast after the oven is very common. It's very simple in square. But once it's cut, the color inside will definitely brighten your eyes