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What does summer dog days eat? Papaya yogurt ice makes you cool in summer

homemade yogurt: 1. Three bags of milk (600 ml) are poured into the fermentation container sterilized with boiling water.

2. Yogurt 1 small box (100 ml) into the milk.

3. Stir well to blend milk and yogurt.

4. Cover the container, put it into the yoghurt machine, turn on the power supply and ferment at constant temperature for 8-10 hours.

5. Fermented yoghurt solidified like tofu brain can be transferred to the refrigerator for refrigeration. Fresh yogurt can be eaten directly, but it has better taste after being refrigerated in refrigerator.

6. Papaya yogurt ice: papaya 1 / 4, peeled to seed, cut into small pieces.

7. Then use the cooking machine to stir into mud, can retain a small amount of fruit.

8. Then mix the frozen yogurt and sugar, stir well. Pour into the freezing mold.

9. Yogurt and papaya pulp can also be moderately stirred to retain the texture effect. Put the mold into the refrigerator to freeze.

10. After frozen, take out and serve.