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Apple yoghurt salad is a tempting summer snack

1. Wash celery, scald it with boiling water and cut into small pieces.

2. Wash the apple and cut it into small dices (preferably not peeled).

3. Mix the diced celery with walnuts and raisins, then pour yogurt on it and stir well.


1. Make your own salad and try not to use salad dressing (whether it's commercially available or homemade with egg yolk and oil). Salad sauce is very high in fat, but low in nutrition. It is not a good food. Try not to eat it.

2. Yogurt is not only a healthy drink in itself, but also a very good substitute for salad dressing. Eat fruit, eat vegetables can be mixed with yogurt, not only taste good, but also very healthy nutrition, calories are much lower.

3. In my opinion, yogurt can be called 'the best salad dressing'.

4. This apple walnut yogurt salad is very suitable for the examinee to eat as an extra meal or snack. It is not high in calories and full of nutrition. It contains vitamin B, calcium and dietary fiber that can stabilize mood, enhance memory and facilitate digestion. Moreover, it is easy to operate and tastes attractive. It is 100 times stronger than the processed snacks.