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In the midsummer season, there are exquisite fruits, sushi and crispy mango rolls

1. Wrap the sushi curtain tightly on both sides with plastic wrap

2. Prepare all the ingredients. Cut the cooked rice, fruit and sausage into strips

3. Take a piece of seaweed and cut it in half

4. Spread seaweed on the sushi curtain, wash and wet your hands, grab a handful of rice mixed with vinegar and salt, and spread it evenly on the seaweed

5. Turn over and spread mango, papaya and sausage strips on seaweed

6. Turn the sushi up with a sushi curtain

7. Cut the sushi evenly. Remember to keep the knife wet

8. Mash the egg roll with a rolling pin

9. Roll the cut sushi in the egg roll to make the surface evenly stick to the egg roll