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Silhouette wind constellation theme with frost biscuit also has "constellation style"

1. Lay a layer of icing on the biscuit to make icing, please refer to the hand-painted lace biscuit, and refer to the pixel rural hand-painted icing biscuit for the icing bottom;

2. Use frosting as adhesive. Stick the sugar on the edge;

3. After all treatment, put it overnight to dry the icing thoroughly before decoration;

3. Draw the outline on the biscuit surface with the blue food pigment;

4. Then complete. Draw the English name of the constellation;

5. Add a little sugar cream in the peak state into the Yellow edible pigment and stir evenly, then put it into the oil paper cylinder;

6. Extrude the line diagram of constellation and celestial body arrangement on the biscuit;

7. Put the little yellow globose on the position of the star when it is not dry.