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No fish do not like Thai spicy and sour fish in the wet land of Thailand

1. When buying fish, the shopkeeper has handled the fish well, and can clean the slime of the fish at home;

2. Take the egg white, ginger, onion, salt and oil and put them into the container containing fish. Mix all the main and auxiliary ingredients evenly and marinate for 20 minutes;

3. Open the hot and sour cooking pot, put it into the container, add some water to mix it into the thick juice;

4. Heat a pot of boiling water, blanch the fish in the pot until the surface changes color, and drain the water;

5. Put a small amount of water into another pot and pour in the hot and sour juice;

6. After the soup in the pot is boiled, put the fish slices into it, boil it to break the raw, put the lettuce in the bowl first, and pour the fish and soup on it.