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Korean stone pot bibimbap meets different Korean customs

1. The important raw materials for cooking are here. Two liang of beef is enough for the ready-made kimchi bought by Platycodon grandiflorum;

2. Steamed rice, water is a little less, and bibimbap, like Guangdong fried rice, requires one grain at a time;

3. All vegetables should be cleaned and put in different categories;

4. When the beef is cut into fine grains, if it can be ground outside, it will be ground directly. Korean people don't pay attention to the difference between cutting and ground;

5. Cut some onion and fry with beef;

6. Stir fry the beef and onion with a little oil, add a pinch of black pepper for fragrance, and then add a little salt;

7. Put a layer of oil on the inside of the stone pot, put the steamed rice into the small fire evenly and burn it until it makes a sizzling noise. Don't burn it too much. Put a little oil and fry several vegetables respectively in the process of baking the pot, and put a little salt to make it. The rice is good, and the dishes are well arranged. Fry a half raw egg and put it on the table, one end of the three small pickles, and one spoon of red hot sauce in the rice pot Throw, take a big spoon of fingers and throw it at the rice pot, mix it & hellip; & hellip;