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Sushi with rice balls under cherry trees in Tokyo, Japan

when the rice is ready, it can be used to make rice balls and sushi. The cooking group can use ordinary rice instead of sushi rice, but it needs to dip a little sesame salt into the rice balls after moistening the hands with water

1. First wet your hand with water, then put some rice on the palm of your hand, and then gently pinch it into a ball.

2. Press once in the middle of the rice ball with your finger to make it concave in the middle, put in the tuna meat, add a small amount of rice, cover the fish meat, hold the rice ball with your left hand, turn the right hand and pinch it into a triangle, without too much force, so as not to affect the taste of the rice ball.

3. Take a piece of rectangular laver, roll it up from both sides of the rice ball and wrap it. You can put some fish on the top of the rice ball, so that you can know the ingredients of the rice ball, and eat it directly with your hands.