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Western way of eating meat balls in Henan Province

Spring Festival is about to go to work. I took some home fried meatballs when I left. I haven't seen them in other places. It's a specialty of Mengzhou. Today, I want to make a western style food with curry taste.

1. Wash all vegetables, peel potatoes and carrots, cut into hobs, and shred onions.

2. Put the meat stuffing into the container, add the egg and salt, and stir evenly until it is strong. The meat stuffing must be fully stirred until it is strong.

3. Squeeze the meat stuffing into a ball of suitable size and boil it in a boiling water pan. When squeezing the meatballs, the thumb and forefinger are in a small circle. As soon as you squeeze hard, the meat stuffing will come out. At this time, the other hand with a spoon is like a meatball.

4. Heat the oil in the hot pot for 7 minutes, then pour in the onion and stir fry it to make the flavor (initially, the oil with burning sensation is 5.6% hot; when the oil emits small smoke, it is 7.8% hot; when the oil emits large smoke, it is on).

5. Add carrots and potatoes again and stir fry for 1 minute. Add proper amount of water, boil over medium heat until the material in the pot is cooked and soft.

6. After the vegetables are cooked, put in the curry, turn the heat down, and stir until the curry melts. At the same time, put in the meatballs.

7. Simmer for 2 minutes, then turn off the heat. Stir slightly to avoid the paste.