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Using horseshoe powder to make pig intestine powder

We all know that there are not many popular snacks in Hong Kong. Today's popular snack is very similar to a new year's dish in mainland China. It looks like a pink roll. However, the taste of Hong Kong's popular snack is really not covered. It has an appetite.


1、 Put the powder and clear water into a plate (except for oil and salt) and stir until there is no granule. Keep still for 30 minutes.

2. Filter and add oil and salt, and mix evenly.

3. Brush thin oil on the flat bottom steaming plate, add water in the pot, and heat it up.

4. Stir the rice slurry evenly (stir the rice slurry evenly for each steaming plate). Spoon it into the steaming plate. The thinner it is, the more delicious it is. Do not thicken it. Spread it evenly quickly (try to make it as even as possible) and then cover the pot.

5. It's cooked when you see a lot of bubbles coming out. Bring out the boiling pot and soak in cold water for 20 seconds. Roll it up by hand.