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Electric pancake Dang instead of oven to bake a red bean bag

I usually do a lot of research on what I eat. I remember that I used to eat steamed bean buns in the Spring Festival. Now I like baked cakes very much when I have an oven at home. This time, I simply use an electric pie pan instead of an oven to bake a red bean buns.


1. Mix all the ingredients of the dough evenly, knead it into dough, and return the frozen red bean filling to the temperature (if it is normal temperature, please omit this step).

2. Take out the fermented dough, knead it well, and divide it into 8 small dosage forms.

3. Take one of the rolls and wrap it with about 1 / 8 of the filling. Wrap it up like a bun and flatten it slightly.

4. Put it into the electric pancake pan, cover the pancake pan and take it out in 5 minutes.