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Can bananas be used for cooking? Share a perfect transformation of banana into vegetables

Can bananas be used for cooking? I always want to add fruits to the dishes, not only for soup, but also for apples and bananas. Bananas are easier to be used for cooking. I tried to make this banana fried shrimp. It tastes good.

Banana fried shrimp

1. Remove the thread and head of fresh shrimp, peel off the shell and wash. Cut the shrimp into small pieces, add a little wine, salt, pepper and marinate.

2. Cut banana into small pieces, cut into inch sections, and divide them into individual pieces. Put the marinated shrimps in the middle of the fried dough sticks.

3. Take the oil pan, put more oil, when the oil temperature is 60-70%, put the processed oil in and fry until crispy, and then take out the oil for standby.

4. Mix the salad sauce with some bananas. Put the banana pieces into a large bowl, put the fried fried fried prawns, sprinkle the cooked black sesame seeds, pour the salad dressing and mix well.