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How to eat wuyuzi

How can I eat delicious black fish? The method of black fish is the most classic in Taiwan, and the classic match with it is just the white porridge. Just a friend asked about this Taiwan method, and I asked my friend for the method to share with you.

1、 You can use rice wine or sorghum wine to peel off the film of the black fish roe, then put the black fish roe in rice wine or sorghum wine to soak for 30 seconds, and bake two sides of the black fish roe on the gas for 20 seconds, which can make the black fish roe Q

2、 You can scald the cuttlefish seeds with water first, then put a little oil and some rice wine into the pot to half boil the cuttlefish seeds. This method can eat whether the manufacturing process of cuttlefish seeds is too salty.