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A simplified method of sending frozen cheese cake to office workers

For office workers like us, the baking time always needs to be crowded again. The way of reading books is that the time of talking is too long. I have no idea about it. The other day, I ran into a baking hand and said to each other about the baking time. She said that if you are not allowed in time, you can try my simplified version of cheesecake. It's very simple The time is very suitable. I did a job that is absolutely suitable for those who like to eat. Let's see the process.

Simplified version:

1. Separate the protein from the yolk. Add the melted butter to the yolk and mix well with the beater. Beat cheese, cream, milk and yoghurt with a blender until smooth and granulated. Add flour and starch into the egg yolk paste and mix well, then refrigerate.

2. Add sugar to the protein for 3 times until it is wet foaming. Take out the yolk paste, cut and mix together. The bottom mold is wrapped with tin paper, and the cake paste is poured into the mold and vibrated for several times to make the bubbles run out.

3. Fill the pan with water and squat the circle in. 150 degrees for 70 minutes. Take out and cool thoroughly, demould and refrigerate for 4 hours before eating.