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Fried mushrooms with garlic

My friend calls the Spanish garlic fried mushroom a magic existence. There are not many Western cuisines that can surprise me. My usual attack also shows that I am not particularly keen on Western cuisines, but this dish really makes me like it and surprise me. It is also one of the simpler Western cuisines that I will have.

The magic method of fried mushroom with garlic:

1. Wash the fresh mushrooms and carefully remove the mushroom base.

2. Heat the pan over low heat. Put in butter and melt. Add garlic and red pepper, stir fry until fragrant, then add mushrooms. Sprinkle salt evenly and fry slowly. If the pot is dry, put in some cooking wine. You can add some butter. Continue to spread a thin layer of salt.

3. Push the mushroom gently with a shovel. The magic begins ~ the small bowl in the middle is gradually filled with the juice from the mushroom itself ~ be careful not to overturn the same. If the pot is dry, cook some cooking wine. It can be seasoned with a little sugar. Pan fry through. Sprinkle some black pepper. Yes.