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Cook a cup of fragrant milk tea without covering

I am an acute person who can do whatever he wants. Today, I can't stand the small north wind. I want to have a cup of milk tea immediately. I will share the milk tea practice learned by Sister Moon. The pot must not use the thin stainless steel pot. The heat transfer is too fast, and the effect of using the non stick pot is the best. You can also use the enamel pot or the thick stainless steel pot.


1. Find a high-temperature pot, which can be enamel pot, non stick pot or stainless steel pot with thick bottom. After the empty pot is heated with medium high heat, turn to a small heat and pour in white sugar.

2. Don't move the pot. The sugar will melt slowly in the pot. Now heat the milk (I use the microwave).

3. Then the sugar in the pot will slowly melt into a deep amber color. At this time, pour in the hot milk, put in the black tea bag at the same time, turn to medium fire.