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Baked spaghetti with shrimp in tomato sauce to challenge your taste buds

1. Cooked pasta, chilled water to use, chicken marinade to use.

2. Chop green pepper and onion, slice tomato, Tricholoma and sausage.

3. Chop scallops, mozzarella cheese, corn and shrimp.

4. Heat the wok with butter or salad oil, stir fry the bacon, add the shrimps, scallops, stir fry until done.

5. In a baking tray or bowl, add pasta, top with super filling, and sprinkle with vegetable and corn kernels,

6. Squeeze in tomato sauce, black pepper granules, top with mozzarella cheese, 150 & deg;, 20 minutes or so, bake until brown.