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A delicious or cooked western style potato cake with French flavor

1) Wash and cut potatoes into about 5cm long hobs after peeling, and then cut them into pieces for use.

2) pour the water into the soup pot. The amount can be done without potato chips. Add salt (1 teaspoons) and potatoes.

3) Boil for 20 minutes, remove the drained water after cooking, put it into a bowl, and grind the potatoes into a mud shape while they are hot.

4) When the mashed potato cools naturally to room temperature, add egg yolk and mix well, then add white pepper and salt (1 / 2 teaspoon),

5) Then add flour in several times until it can be kneaded into dough (no need to knead too much, as long as it can be kneaded).

6) Divide the dough into small dough of the same size, form a ball, and press the grain with a fork.

7) Boil a pot of water, put in salt (1 teaspoon), pour in potato cake, boil for about 3 minutes,

8) After the potato cake is bleached, remove it and put it into cold water to cool, then remove it and drain it thoroughly before use.

9) Take another frying pan, put the butter into the pan and melt it in a small fire, put the potato cake after the meal, mix in the salt (1 / 2 teaspoon), stir fry until fragrant.