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Bacon, shrimp, sesame roll is enough

1. Remove the shell of the prawn, keep the tail of the prawn, make a few strokes on the belly of the prawn with a knife, remove the sand line, and cut off the veins of the prawn.

2. Turn over the shrimp and press the back of the knife a little harder, so that the processed shrimp won't bend when frying.

3. Marinate the shrimp, wine and a little salt for 10 minutes.

4. Coat the marinated shrimp with dry starch, dip in the egg liquid, and then coat with white sesame.

5. Pour the oil into the wok. When the oil temperature is 60% hot, put the shrimp into the wok and fry it over medium heat.

6. Fry until the sesame is golden, remove the shrimp.

7. Slice salmon and fry bacon in a pan,

8. Wrap the fried shrimp with salmon slices and bacon respectively, cut the seaweed into thin strips, and tie them on the salmon shrimp rolls for decoration.