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Bacon and preserved egg cake love breakfast DIY

1. Cut the preserved beet, onion and bacon into small pieces. Wash the shrimps and drain the water.

2. Add pepper, soy sauce and scallion to the egg and break it up.

3. Do not add oil in the pot, first put in bacon, stir fry onion, then pour in preserved beet and continue to stir fry, until stir fry out the unique flavor of preserved vegetables.

4. Leave the ingredients to dry for a while, add them into the prepared second ingredients in several times, and mix them evenly.

5. Add some oil to the pot and heat it, pour in the four ingredients, shake the pot slightly to make it flat, then slowly solidify it and fry it yellow.

6. After one side is fried yellow, turn it over carefully, and then fry it on both sides.