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Gold curry is simple and exotic

1. The tenderest pork tenderloin on the pig is tender in any way. The curry powder is bought in the wholesale market and is specially used for catering. It tastes good,

2. Slice the scallion and ginger and put them into a bowl, then pour some cold water into it, stir it more, it's not easy to taste in a short time. The scallion and ginger water kill two birds with one stone.

3. Slice the internal ridge into large pieces, because the small internal ridge is quite irregular,

4. For bacon, first put some salt, enough according to personal taste, because there is no other seasoning with salty taste, then add rice wine, and then pour in some green onion and ginger water, not all of which can be poured in, a little,

5. The bagasse is specially used for catering, but it's not prepared at home. Let's use the normal original bread, preferably the crust,

6. Boil the juice and then dip it into it. It's very simple. Wash the pot and pour some tomato sauce, then pour some white vinegar, and then put sugar. Put more white sugar,

7. Pour it into the bowl with some consistency, or it won't hang,

8. Fried pork chops. Let's talk about the oil temperature of fried pork chops. The oil temperature should be 60% of the heat when the pork chops are first dropped. It should not be too hot or too cold. The bread dregs are easy to paste when they are too hot.

9. The surface can be colored quickly after the fire is turned up. For convenience of eating, it is better to cut a few knives to fit into the mouth.