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Rich bacon and potato rolls

It was cooked in the most primitive way, but it was unexpectedly fragrant; the scorched bacon, once a rare thing in the elegant western food, began to enter our life when the unique salty and smoked aroma were perfectly combined. Who can resist it?!

1. Wash the small potatoes, add water to the pot and cook with a small amount of salt for 15-20 minutes until the potatoes are soft (use chopsticks to easily tie them, the specific time depends on the size of potatoes).

2. Peel the boiled potatoes for use (potatoes are too small to be peeled easily after cooking; if peeled first, the pulp will be peeled carelessly, it's small, and there's nothing left). Cut the bacon in half.

3. Wrap the potatoes with bacon as shown in the figure, fix them with toothpicks, and then cut off the exposed toothpicks.

4. Put a little olive oil in the pot, add bacon potato roll and fry over low heat until the surface is golden yellow, then pour in black pepper sauce.