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A Chinese and Western potato

1. Stew the potatoes in a pressure cooker, add salt and black pepper, and mash them into mud.

2. Cut the butter into slices and spread it on the oven tray to prevent the food from being burnt in high temperature and play the role of isolation.

3. Put mashed mashed potatoes on a greased baking pan, with a little butter around.

4. Then sprinkle the dried tofu on the potatoes and spread the tomato sauce.

5. Cut the Tianbei soybean products into pieces, lay them on the top surface and paste them all around.

6. Finally, cut the cheese into strips and spread them evenly on the top layer.

7. Adjust the temperature to 250 & deg; and put it in the oven. After 20 minutes, put in black pepper and cumin.

The combination of these foods makes up for the lack of protein content in potatoes. In addition, it also makes up for the deficiency of vitamin B12 in vegetarians. Comparatively speaking, it has comprehensive nutrition and strong satiety.