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How to make a rural salad

1) : take a small piece of grapefruit skin, clean it, and use a blade to remove the white part

2) : the white endothelium on the inner side of the skin should be kept as least as possible, so as to reduce the bitter taste

3) : change the peeled grapefruit into thin silk

4) : add other sauce and mix well

5) : leave the mixed salad juice for more than one hour

6) After washing, change the knife to small square

7) : peel the grapefruit and take out the pulp for use

8) Make water in the pot, put in the abalone mushroom and blanch it until it is cooked (about 1 minute), then drain the water and cool it

9) Put the Pleurotus eryngii, grapefruit pulp and almond in the basin, pour in the salad and mix well, and then make it

A few more words:

**Please select the grapefruit skin that smells fragrant, blue or yellow, but do not select the one that has been placed for a long time. This kind of fragrance is lost and the taste is hard

**Peel the grapefruit flesh and tear it by hand. Don't cut it with a knife. This will lead to water loss

**When the mushroom is blanched and scalded, a spoonful of salt and a spoonful of sugar can be added to the water to stimulate the taste of the mushroom

In addition, adding some grapefruit pulp to potato salad will also produce a good taste. You can draw inferences from the others