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Macao water crab porridge should not be frightened by crab eyes

Because of the high cholesterol and fat content of crab roe, patients with coronary heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and hyperlipidemia should eat less crab roe. If you want to supplement calcium for the elderly and children, you can add some shrimp skin.


1. Put the white rice in the casserole, add water, and cook slowly over medium heat. Then put in the ginger.

2. Put the dried shrimps and oysters into the porridge.

3. Clean the whole body with a brush and use a knife to force the shell open.

4. Remove the tail and gill of the crab, and rinse the inside with water.

5. Put the treated crabs into the boiled porridge, turn off the heat and slowly cook until there is no rice in it. When the crabs are cooked, the porridge is thick.

6. Finally out of the pot to sprinkle on the onion flavor, see the congee is thick without rice can turn off the fire.