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Fried beef ribs with Cabernet Sauvignon

This Korean special translates as fried beef ribs. Wash the beef ribs, drain the water, mix with mashed garlic, black pepper and salt. Heat a wok with oil, fry the beef ribs until golden yellow on both sides, then add a little sauce on the plate (when it's just cooked, the traditional restaurants usually fry until it's 50% or 7% ripe).


1. Cut the denim into three sections;

2. Marinate with black pepper, red wine and salt;

3. Cut red and yellow peppers into strips and pat garlic to the end;

4. Put butter in the pot and melt;

5. Stir fry garlic and pepper strips;

6. Take out the color pepper barcode and put it on the bottom of the plate;

7. Melt the butter in the pot again, stir the garlic;

8. Put in the marinated beef ribs, fry them, don't turn over;

9. When one side is scorched yellow, turn it over quickly;

10. Fry on both sides until five ripe, remove and set;

11. Put oyster sauce, black pepper, white sugar and red wine into the bottom oil of the pot and slowly mix them into the thick sauce;

12. Pour the thick juice on the fried beef ribs.