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Classic practice of golden prawn with Taijiao

Thai food can also be said to be another hobby of mine. This golden shrimp with Thai pepper uses Roche shrimp as the main material. The meat of Roche shrimp contains 20.6g protein and 0.7G fat per hectare, and contains many vitamins and trace elements necessary for human body. It is a high protein aquatic product.

1. Cut off the whiskers of Roche shrimps. Divide the shrimps into two parts. Wash them and dry them. Fry them in an oil pan until golden. Remove them for later use.

2. Soak the peppers in hot water for 5 minutes, soften and remove.

3. Steam and crush the salted egg yolk, cut the sharp green peppers into circles, scald them with boiling oil, then scoop them up for decoration.

4. Heat up the pot, stir fry the garlic and pepper, add the shrimp and salted egg yolk, stir well, then leave the pot, and finally sprinkle a few circles of pepper on the vegetable surface.