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Japanese tuna and fungus porridge

This porridge recipe uses Japanese style braised tuna and job's tears, which has the effect of reducing weight and removing dampness. The Japanese style beauty soup is coming out. The fungus must be chopped. The Japanese style braised tuna itself has been seasoned. After the rice porridge is stewed, it's OK to put a little salt. The tuna should not be cooked for a long time. It's most suitable to put it in a few minutes before it's out of the pot.

1. Soak the dried agaric in water, wash it and stir it up with a vegetable chopper.

2. The Japanese style braised tuna is taken out of the can for use.

3. Wash the rice and job's tears, put them into the stew, pour a little sesame oil, add the shredded fungus and stew until soft and waxy.

4. Before leaving the pot, add the Japanese style braised tuna, season with a little salt, and then serve.