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How to eat black bean noodles? The existence of crispy pastry

How to eat black bean noodles? Our family often buy some noodles that are not often eaten to make all kinds of small cakes. In summer, children want to eat egg filled cakes. I think white noodles are too greasy and add black bean noodles. The effect is unexpectedly good. The babies can eat vigorously.

Production steps

1. Beat the eggs into a bowl and beat them up.

2. Pour in the cilantro.

3. Pour in the carrot powder.

4. Add a little white pepper.

5. Add a little salt.

6. Stir the egg mixture well.

7. Put the batter in a bowl and stir until it is free of particles.

8. Heat the pot and brush it with silicone.

9. Pour in the batter and shake the pan to make it a thin round cake.

10. To surface setting.

11. Pour the egg liquid into the pot, and shake the pot to make it evenly stick to the round cake.

12. When the egg liquid is completely solidified, it's golden around, turn over gently.