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How to make Italian ice cream

Italian ice cream is probably the most popular in the ice cream series. Generally speaking, it needs those materials to make Italian ice cream. How to make authentic Italian ice cream.

Production method:

1. First, prepare a large basin of ice water for use.

2. Half a cup of milk, add cornstarch, stir until well dissolved, and set aside.

3. Pour the rest of the milk into the pot, add cocoa powder and white sugar, heat it over medium heat, stir it continuously with the egg beater during the heating process, and then add instant coffee after boiling.

4. Pour the mixture of milk and starch into the pot, mix it with the mixture just boiled, continue to cook over medium heat, stir while boiling, and cut off the fire immediately after boiling.

5. Add the vanilla powder and half of the chocolate. Be sure to use the egg beater to stir constantly.

6. Put the pot in the prepared basin of ice water to cool down, and keep stirring the mixture when cooling down.

7. Finally, put the ice cream liquid into the refrigerator and freeze it for one night. The next day, according to the instructions of the ice cream machine, pour in the ice cream liquid, and the ice cream is finished.