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How to make roasted streaky pork

Occasionally, I want to make some barbecue to eat. The Korean barbecue is delicious. Among them, the Korean barbecue is the best. How to make the Korean barbecue? The Korean barbecue is introduced to you. After the barbecue, I'll drink red wine and sit on the sofa. Isn't it very pleasant?

1. Sliced pork.

2. Add the big joy barbecue sauce.

3. Mix well and leave for half an hour to taste.

4. Spread tin paper on the baking tray and place the meat slices on the top. Put them in the oven for 220 ℃ for 20 minutes, and then turn them over.

5. Put the roasted meat pieces on the plate paved with lettuce. When eating, roll them together with lettuce. They are fragrant but not greasy. When buying meat, you'd better choose the kind of five flowers and three layers. It tastes good.