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Three simple horse step slimming exercises eliminate leg fat and shape S-shape figure

Simple horse step slimming exercise recommended, eliminate leg fat, plastic S-shape body. Now, because most of the mm often do not like sports, or long-term sedentary, it will easily lead to lower body and legs fat, many girls feel their thighs thick, always want to lose fat. How to do? Don't worry, in fact, practice squatting horse step can complete this wish, come to learn.

Do not always sit still, but also actively do lower body massage. After taking a warm bath every day, you can use the body specific massage oil to massage the lower leg or sole. No matter kneading or pressing, you can timely relieve the swelling of the lower body and prevent fat accumulation.

1. The legs are shoulder width apart, with the center of the body centered. If the legs stand too wide, the center of gravity will be too low, if the legs stand too narrow, the center of gravity will be too high, which is not conducive to the following movement.

2. Keep the center of gravity and hold your hands straight in front of your chest. This movement helps to stretch the muscles on both sides of your body, and also helps to correct the center of gravity forward after squatting, so as not to fall backward after squatting.

3. Two legs half squat, don't squat too low, thigh feel sour is more appropriate angle, too low center of gravity instability, too high thigh muscle force can't meet the requirements of horse step, thin leg invalid.